Wake Up, Sleeper

I’m a student at heart. My mom always said I was her most curious child. She’s not the only one exhausted by my perpetual curiosity. Others who know me say the same. I love to study. I enjoy challenging conversations, and I listen to other views. Because of this, I assumed I was immune to…

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Another Name For Giant Church Inc

The latest evangelical scandal hasn’t only been top news in Christian and religious circles, it’s reached the secular news cycle as well. The repercussions of the scandal are far reaching. In an article for RNS, Kyle J. Howard summarized Ravi Zacharias’ grievous actions, “the public learned Zacharias was not only a sexual predator, but a…

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God’s Best Arrangement

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know the name of Jesus. My family and I were around the Baptist church and its people a lot of the time when I was a girl. Just As I Am was the favorite hymn for the weekly altar call. I was baptized in front of the…

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Another Giant Church Inc Empire

Church, we must not ignore what is happening within Christian organizations operating like Giant Church Inc. We must speak about it and against it. My hope and prayer is that others who are looking at the Church will come to know the difference between Giant Church Inc and the Church. That will happen as we…

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Prayer In the Night

I knew what to expect from Tish Harrison Warren on her second book Prayer in the Night: For Those Who Work or Watch or Weep. Her first book, Liturgy of the Ordinary is a beautifully written guide book and personal essay on how to practice a holy life in our ordinary days. Prayer in the…

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Hello, I’m Marie.

I’m wholeheartedly devoted to learning how to live like it matters and passionate about encouraging others to do the same.
This is where we can learn together.