Highlights from the Emerald Isle

I can’t possibly make a post that would adequately describe or show our experience in Ireland – but I can give you the highlights. From beginning to end, the trip exceeded our expectations.  We did not plan this trip alone. My friend, Mariyana at YOLO Dream Adventures, helped make this a dream trip. She’s already helping me…

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Making Way

I love words. Those who know me best know that sincere words are highly valued. I’m not the only one. It’s a common value – as it should be. James, the brother of Jesus, wrote that our words are either a blessing or a curse (3:10). Jan Richardson has a way with them. Words, I…

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New Paths

When we’re open to them, new paths are waiting to be explored. This issue of Just For You includes a podcast, a poem, and a prayer and provides ample paths of learning and reflection. The guest in this episode of The Best of You podcast talks about growing up in extreme poverty and realizing that…

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When the Walls Come Tumblin’ Down

I wrote most of this reflection in 2014. My life has changed significantly since then. I’ve learned and am still learning a lot about myself and others. I’m learning the way my story directs my life in beautiful ways and limiting ways. One thing hasn’t changed – I still have walls. But I can say…

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Neglecting a Thing

This month’s guest post writer is Tammy Hayes, a long-time friend and mentor. We planted a church together back in the day and are still doing ministry in a variety of ways – most of it outside of a formal church setting. Tammy hails from Houston but has become a small-town girl, residing in Tyler,…

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Hello, I’m Marie.

I am an essayist, student, speaker, and spiritual guide - in my spare time. Currently an accounting professional, I've always been a teacher and pastor at heart, so I'm making a change. I'm working toward an MDiv at Wesley Seminary and my MA in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership at Friends University. Several years ago, I went through a season of untangling my faith from man-made traditions and came to know Jesus in a new way. As I learn about the wide goodness of God, I guide others in their own spiritual formation, help them know themselves, and journey with them through the stages of faith. I'm wholeheartedly devoted to learning to live like it matters and encourage you to do the same.