I Still Believe After Giant Church Inc

A painful truth about spiritual abuse is that it most often happens in community. While not all the people in the faith community are abusers, when the community chooses willful blindness or silence after it is exposed, another betrayal takes place. Healing from spiritual abuse also happens in community. This guest post is written by…

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The Way Up Is Down

The newest book by Marlena Graves, The Way Up is Down: Becoming Yourself by Forgetting Yourself is a beautiful call to a life of seeing and serving, and growing closer to Jesus. It’s a beautiful call, but not an easy one. From the beginning, the author lets us in on what it will cost us…

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Held Together

It’s been too long since my last Beauty Break. Oh, but I’ve noticed the beauty around me. It’s more essential now than ever. Maybe because I’m older, and hopefully wiser. Maybe because of what’s happening in the world, or because I’m more aware of the pain and suffering of others. Whatever the reason, I know…

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I Pledge Allegiance to Giant Church Inc

I stood there in the door of the ER room after a nurse led me to it, and reintroduced myself before I walked in. On the way to the hospital, I imagined it to be as awkward as it turned out to be. This woman, in a new town far from all she knew, in…

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In a Nutshell

This Monday School post is short and sweet. I almost waited to post but you can’t post Monday School on Tuesday. You just can’t. We all know the Golden Rule: Do to others what you would have them do to you. Jesus said this right after he talked about fathers giving stones instead of bread…

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Hello, I’m Marie.

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