Raise Your Gaze Giant Church Inc

Last month, Giant Church Inc proved what the voices of those who speak out against it already know. The people who we served with for years, who claimed we were their family of choice, who we gave our time and care to, who counseled or walked us through painful and private events, proved once again…

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We Know So Little

I’m only into the introduction of Invitation to Christian Spirituality: An Ecumenical Anthology edited by John R. Tyson and I’m astounded at how narrow my view of Christian spirituality is. I’ve experienced this over and over in the past several years – the realization that I barely comprehend the story of God in my life,…

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God Is Always In the Room

There is a true home to the soul and a way to go about finding it so that we grow into people who are genuinely at home in God’s world. The way we go about it is found in our everyday ordinary lives. When lived this way and in view of the Kingdom of God,…

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Go Do Your Thing, Child of God

This installment of Just For You includes works from a biblical scholar, an American novelist, a boy-shepherd turned king, and Jesus. I’d say that’s a pretty good line up. Defiant Joy Since taking Esau McCaulley’s course called The Bible and Theology in Color offered at Nashotah House Theological Seminary in 2020, I’ve read his book…

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There. I Said It.

I’m bringing back guest posts because I’ve made some new friends who are thoughtful and fabulous writers. They already share their words in their neck of the woods but their voices are needed in this one, too. My first guest blogger is Lesley Miller. We are in the same cohort in the Masters program at…

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Hello, I’m Marie.

I’m wholeheartedly devoted to learning how to live like it matters and passionate about encouraging others to do the same.
This is where we can learn together.