An Ancient Work

Spiritual direction is one of the oldest ministries in the church yet unknown to many evangelicals. It’s an ancient and beautiful work. I’m glad to know more people are discovering the benefits of this type of soul care. This Just For You is all about spiritual direction. It’s been a source of nurture for those…

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We’re Here

If I told you I was invited into someone’s home and that the host spoke to some of the guests around the table, but that a lot of the guests and I were ignored, what would you think about the host? What would you think about the unacknowledged guests? If I told you several women…

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Rooted Vulnerability

Psychiatrist and author Curt Thompson writes in Anatomy of the Soul that there is something we crave “even more than the air we breathe.” “Connection. There is nothing more crucial to our long-term welfare. In fact, virtually every action we take is part of the deeper attempt to connect with other humans.” We are made…

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All He Knew

Each of the four Gospels tells that Jesus was crucified between two men. Only John describes them as two others. The other Gospels call them criminals. I wonder why John chose not to describe the two men on either side of Jesus that way. Rome condemned all three men to death – a cruel dignity-stealing…

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Like a Prayer

The best writers, poets, and songwriters have a way of using words that put us more in touch with how we feel. They say what we want to say but can’t or won’t say. So they tell a story, write a poem, or sing a song. Great music, especially, helps us pay attention to our…

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Hello, I’m Marie.

I am an essayist, student, speaker, and spiritual director in training - in my spare time. Currently an accounting professional, I've always been a teacher and pastor at heart, so I'm making a change. I completed the MA program in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership at Friends University in May 2023. I've paused the work toward my MDiv at Wesley Seminary while I receive training as a spiritual director.

I went through a season of untangling my faith from man-made traditions and came to know Jesus in a new way. As I learn about the wide goodness of God, I guide others in their own spiritual formation, help them know God and themselves better, and journey with them through the stages of faith. I'm wholeheartedly devoted to learning to live like it matters and encourage you to do the same.