I met Becca through the The Way Up is Down book launch team. The author of the book, Marlena Graves, hosted a weekly Zoom meeting study group. We enjoyed it and wanted to stay connected. Several of us continue to meet via Zoom to go through another book to learn about group spiritual direction. We’re…

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The Truest Parts

“God prepared me for this.” I penned those words in my journal last night, and I know it deep in my soul. That doesn’t mean it’s painless or that I won’t have doubts. It will be difficult and scary, but it will be really good sometimes, too. I’ve been in dark places before. And now…

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Sign Here at Giant Church Inc

As a little girl, I stood in line with the church people to shake hands with new members of our Baptist church. To join, they walked to the front, talked to the pastor, then the people in the pews voted them in. All the old church people lined up to welcome the new ones. I…

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It’s called the grape of the south for good reason. Muscadine is the only grape variety that can grow in the hot and humid climate of the southern United States. Four years ago I wrote about the muscadine vine Daddy planted taking over a nearby pear tree. Since then, we’ve had to cut the vines…

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Just Stop Messing With It

I met Therisa, this month’s Live Like It Matters guest post writer, about two years ago in a writing group. She is as bright and cheery as her website portrays her to be. Energy and enthusiasm flow from her. So does kindness and compassion. I was heartened when I read her story on her website,…

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Hello, I’m Marie.

I’m wholeheartedly devoted to learning how to live like it matters and passionate about encouraging others to do the same.
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