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Archive for November 2011


The Thanksgiving holiday was lovely.  I rested.  We seldom rest during the holidays, though.  We rush to prepare our Thanksgiving offerings, hustle to be with our families, fidget through the meal, and off to the next place.  Then it’s Black Friday spending and Christmas decorating and more hurried shopping.  Christmas day is a quick assembly…

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I’m going home to cook for tomorrow’s festivities.  I am looking forward to it.  I get to make the dressing every year.  I guess that means I make good dressing.  It might mean that no one else wants to do it.  Either way, when I get home I will change into some comfortable clothes, slip…

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Today is my son’s 15th birthday.  I remember 15 years ago like it was yesterday.  He was feet first so Dr. Schuster tried to turn him.  The baby went into fetal distress and they had to take him by emergency C-section.  We didn’t know he was a “he” until he was delivered…….we like surprises.  Birthdays…

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I played with my kids last night.  I needed to fold the clothes in the dryer, and prepare a speech I’m giving tonight, and record the weekend’s checking account transactions.  But I played instead.  My 10-year-old wanted me to look for grandfather clocks, snowmen, and blue birds in the Christmas “I Spy” book she got from…

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Sometimes I hold back from making a decision because I don’t have a plan.  I like to be prepared.  Even if I don’t have it written down I like to have an idea about how I’m going to accomplish something.  I’m not going to do that anymore.  Don’t let the absence of a plan hinder…

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