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Archive for December 2011


There’s a box in the hallway.  It doesn’t belong there.  It holds a gift that we’ve not opened yet.  It won’t fit under the Christmas tree and it’s too large to put in our closet. The first couple of days I bumped into it and stumbled over it.  Now, I walk around it like it’s…

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Enjoying the Season?

I did what I said I wouldn’t do.  Last night I wasn’t enjoying the season.  I became annoyed with the clock.  It wouldn’t stop.  I needed more time to do the things that needed to be done.  Finally I realized that I was running out of time and was compelled to do the most pressing…

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I Never Knew

Once upon a time a man fell in love with a lady, but after they’d been together a while he grew tired of her. He searched for another. He didn’t realize he already had everything he needed to make him happy.  Recognize this story? It’s told in a song titled, “Escape” or better known as…

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A Brilliant Disguise

I spoke at my Toastmaster’s Club Monday night.  I enjoyed it and so did the audience.  I’m passionate about the subject, and the story had a unique twist to it, but I believe the reason the audience appreciated my talk was because I shared a part of myself.  It always means more when I uncover…

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Thank You

Two friends. Five words. One minute or less.  That’s all it took to encourage me yesterday.  I received two separate messages from two different friends that said, “I am proud of you.” I thanked them but I doubt they realize how much their words meant to me. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary the word encourage means…

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