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Archive for January 2012


I love good conversation.  My heart swells like a roasting marshmallow when I get face-time.  It’s good to catch up or get to know someone in a deeper way.  That happens through face-time.  Can even happen over the phone.  But you must be genuinely involved. Conversation requires a balance of listening and answering, offering your…

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A Love Letter

 I received a love letter the other day.  Not the mushy kind inspired by infatuation.  No, the only similarity to a middle school love note is the notebook paper on which it is written.  This love letter is not the kind filled with dreamy visions of the future.  It’s not loaded with good intentions or…

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The Grocery Store

I was in the grocery store the other day, and I noticed the girl in line ahead of me.  She was beautiful, and so were her tattoos.  I saw the cashier, too.  A woman with thick, salt and pepper hair swept away from her face.  Both women seemed tired…..the cashier from standing at her job…

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I Meant 2012

Every entry in my journal for 2012 is dated 2011.  I see the blunder in previous journals.  In the first few weeks at the beginning of each year I’ve done the same.  I see where I’ve changed the numbers, trying to make it look as if I’d not made the error.  Or I’ve erased it,…

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I opened the box in the hallway. The box sat in the hallway for two weeks.  After the first few days, even my most curious child stopped asking when I would open it.  We all got used to the box that didn’t belong.  It became familiar.  We walked around it, but didn’t talk about it.…

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