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Archive for February 2012

Live Expectantly

Hope will get you through your most shadowy moments.   Your circumstances might not change, but you can still hope, dream and imagine.    The way you look at life might change.  Your heart could soften.  You could begin to see others through compassionate eyes.    Your family might become closer than ever, friends come through…

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He Loves Me

You have to love yourself to love others. But loving yourself doesn’t mean getting what you want, when you want it.  It doesn’t mean protecting your heart.  Loving yourself doesn’t give you permission to hurt others on your way to the top.    It means seeing what God sees.  He knows the deepest part of…

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I’ve been stretched this week.  Usually, my evenings are spent with my family!!  Simplifying fractions, a Frida Kahlo project, reviewing Biology, listening to a speech about Audrey Hepburn.  Dinner, laundry, maybe some exercise.  Some TV if American Idol or Survivor is on!!  This week, I’ve hardly been home.  A Toastmaster’s meeting on Monday, prayer group…

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