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Archive for March 2012

Long Life and No Regrets

 On Sunday I posted about the importance of true community………how deeply connecting with others is vital ….that post was titled “Connect”.  Tuesday I continued with how to connect and build friendships in “Slow Down and Be Yourself”.  First, always be yourself.  Then, accept others.  Today I finish out my point.   3)      Learn how to read people.  This is called…

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Slow Down and Be Yourself

This is a continuation of Sunday’s post “Connect.”  Before I go into how to build life-giving friendships, I want to challenge you on two points.  First, the kind of connections we need do not happen in the midst of an overloaded schedule.  Friendships take lots of unhurried time to build.  Secondly, make friends, not resources.  …

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Remember the theme song to the hit TV show “Cheers”?  Part of the chorus is, “You wanna go…where everybody knows your name.” What the song and the show captured so well is something called community.  Community is living in vital connectedness with others and it is what you and I were created for.  In his…

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The "To Do" List

My weekend “to do” list is as long as it was on Friday afternoon.  I’ve worked on some projects but not one of them is complete.  The kitchen cabinets still aren’t sanded and painted.  The business letter I need to write is only half written.  My closet is still a mess.   I did other things. …

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I Used to be a Home School Mom

My life is so completely different now than what you will read below.  I found this in some saved computer files –  I gave this talk a few years ago to a group.  I still have most of the curriculum I taught from and some I bought to use in the future.  I guess I haven’t let go…

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