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Archive for December 2013


I wrote this two years ago. I don’t have that box anymore, but I wonder if there are more I need to get rid of. Do you have any boxes?……… There’s a box in the hallway. It doesn’t belong there. It holds a gift that we’ve not opened yet. It won’t fit under the Christmas…

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I spent two hours talking to my teen aged son Monday night. It was spontaneous, but needed. It wouldn’t have happened if I had scheduled a meeting, shopped for last-minute gifts, or attended the Christmas party I was invited to. NOT doing the additional left room for an essential.

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Thank you, again

What a great time of year to thank someone! Especially when they have no idea they did something that deserved it. Two friends. Five words. One minute or less. That’s all it took to encourage me. I received two separate messages from two different friends that said, “I am proud of you.” I thanked them…

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This was originally posted a couple of years ago. May we all be able to rest and reflect this season.

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