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Archive for March 2014


Can a place change you? Yes. Moses was changed on the mountain, Paul on the road to Damascus, and Esther in the palace. Anne Lamott wrote that she staggered to faith from one safe place to another. My places weren’t always safe. Some were dark and scary. Safe or not, they all changed me. Moments…

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I Never Knew

You can always learn more about those closest to you. Take the time to discover something new about the ones you care about. The song I talk about in this post says it all!

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Dreamer……don’t give up on your dreams.  On June 24, 2012, I posted “Want”.  Part of the post included an excerpt from my journal while I was at the beach earlier that summer.  My journal was me telling God what I wanted and how I thought it should work out.  The rest of the post was about me realizing…

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