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Archive for January 2015


Yesterday was 52 years since Mom and Dad married. I thought about them all day as my sisters and I went through some of their things. I’m thankful I honored them with this post a year ago, named “51”. Mom often commented on my posts and this one was no exception. But this was the…

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So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while. 1 Peter 1:6 NLT Mom is there. She is there in the “wonderful joy ahead”. The ultimate place of rest and freedom and joy. Forever.

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Mom is sick. And this time she’s not getting better. Her disease has progressed and her body weakened. But her hope has strengthened. She’s closer to being where she wants to be. In the words of her favorite hymn, I’m kind of homesick for a country to which I’ve never been before. No sad goodbyes…

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I Meant 2015

Every entry in my journal for 2015 is dated 2014. I see the blunder in previous journals. In the first few weeks at the beginning of each year I’ve done the same. I see where I’ve changed the numbers, trying to make it look as if I’d not made the error. Or I’ve erased it,…

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I want more. Sometimes I don’t want more. Sometimes I’m fine with how things are. Then I’m reminded how much more I need by my angry shout or judgmental comment. A dark thought or harmful words. Not doing my best. Not giving my all. Fearful or prideful. Careless or hopeless. Lazy, stingy, or controlling. Thinking…

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