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Archive for June 2015


Summer means blackberries for us here in North Alabama. These blackberries grow in a field and on the fence line near our home. Even though our neighbor cleared most of them out of his field last year, we have enough on the fence line and into our yard that we still get to reap the…

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Merriam-Webster’s 2nd definition of full-time is : devoting one’s full attention and energies to something. I am fully devoted to learning how to love and live well. But the thing is – I am a work-in-progress. I always will be. Nevertheless, I have something to share about what I’ve learned so far. I’m a wife…

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I originally posted this last Father’s Day. I wanted to honor the man I called Daddy. Last year was my first Father’s Day without him. He died June 3rd, 2014 and some days I still can’t believe it. Everyday I’m more and more thankful for him. I re-post this to honor him again. I miss…

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Saturdays have a smell.  Two different ones.  Both can cause me to go back to when I was a little girl living with my parents and three sisters.  On the best Saturdays, Mama would cook a hearty breakfast.  We had to wait for it though. Daddy was always awake first. The rest of us would…

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