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Archive for July 2015


I remember what prompted this post. I was so overwhelmed with everything: the normal activities of family life, my job, aging parents, and any other life stuff. But as I wrote about it, I learned something. Today. I can only do today, right now, this moment. So much has happened since this post over 2…

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Close Up

This week’s photo challenge is called Close Up.  A pine cone has a brand new look up close.  We had several pine trees around my childhood home that we called “The Pines”.  When we were girls my sisters and I had to pick up the pine cones and sticks and any other foreign objects out of…

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The Barn

I grew up there. Going in and out of that barn, up the stairs and into the loft with my sisters. We posed for Mom’s camera the same way my kids did for mine. But Daddy didn’t like us playing in the loft. He thought it was too dangerous. This was not a typical barn.…

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This month begins a birthday “season” in my family.  All of my sisters and I, my youngest daughter, and 2 nieces celebrate birthdays within a span of 25 days. Birthdays make us remember. One year for my birthday, Mom typed out her memory of the day I was born. She did that for all my…

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Midnight. The red numbers on my alarm clock glared at me, reminding me it was way past my bedtime. But my sleepy eyes couldn’t steal the smile off my face, and my drained body couldn’t take away the fullness of my heart. I planned to go to bed early. It was a busy workday, then…

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