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Archive for September 2015

Morning Glory

Along my country road, morning glory vines climb fence posts and spill onto the sides of the road. The sun was barely up one morning when I noticed hundreds of them in full bloom. I love the translucence of the violet petals, the lively heart shaped leaves, and the dew droplets………. The morning glory closes…

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The purpose of my Live Like it Matters Challenge is to inspire you and me to do something to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us, in the place around us, wherever we are. I want us to live on purpose. The title of this post seems a contradiction then, because after…

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I was sitting in one of my favorite spots this morning and noticed the sun shining onto the floor through the back door. I only noticed it because it’s the weekend and I was there on the love seat, sipping my 2nd cup of coffee. On other days, I’m already at work by the time…

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Stop the Negativity

This is the 5th week of my Live Like it Matters Challenge. I was going to issue a different challenge today but then this problem came to my attention. Not only did it come to my attention, I realize that I’ve been a participant…..I’ve been part of the problem. At some time or another, we’ve…

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More, Thank You

Last week I challenged you to write a thank you. A real thank you note and mail it. Who did you send your note to? I thought of several people I could thank, like teachers that influenced me more than they know. I looked up Mrs. Guthrie who led TOEC (Tennessee Office Education Club). I…

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