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Archive for April 2016


Someday I’ll write that book. I’ll travel when I have more money. Next year I’ll learn a new language. I’ll go back to school when I have more time. I’ll reconnect with my friend soon. Monday I’ll start eating healthier and exercising. Someday I’ll patch things up with my dad. Tomorrow I’ll apologize to my…

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Eat Food

It’s time for another Live Like it Matters Challenge. I issue these challenges to inspire you and me (because I have to remind myself often) to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us, wherever we are. Some of the challenges are easier than others. Saying hello is easy. Laughing is easy.…

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Volunteering is a really good thing and it goes along with my Live Like It Matters Challenge so………….. My challenge to you is to volunteer. Regularly. Go to your city’s animal shelter and see if you can help walk the dogs. And maybe you can even do something with the cats if you want to.…

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Even So

This is a close up of a bud on the fig tree in the backyard. You can see the “velvetiness” on the young newly opened leaf. Soon, more buds will sprout……more leaves will fill the branches. Then the fruit will come and grow and ripen. That’s the expectation. That’s what’s supposed to happen. But what if…

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