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Archive for September 2016

Still Running

I ran in the Worldwide WordPress 5K yesterday. I wish I could say it was a great run. But it wasn’t. I planned to run 5 1/2 miles but I cut the run short because I felt terrible. My legs hurt. I couldn’t get my breathing right. And my arms even hurt at one point. It was…

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We all know what it’s like to look for something. Sometimes the thing we’re looking for is lost. We had it….but lost it……so we search for it. Like keys or a receipt or your wallet. Sometimes the thing we’re looking for isn’t a thing at all. It’s a feeling. Or answers. A memory or truth. I’ve…

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See it Through

In the mid 90s I watched my dad learn a total new way of doing his work. The company he worked for did what most companies did at that time and upgraded the way of doing things to computers and software and transmitting data through the Internet. He’d always used his mechanical pencils, triangular ruler, other…

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The Edge

  At the edge of my grandmother’s yard there was a rock wall that separated our yard from hers. My little sister and I jumped over those rocks a thousand times. We used the rock wall as a hurdle in the pretend race courses we created. “Run around the pecan tree and back to the…

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Sometimes you’re allowed a glimpse of the deepest parts of someone’s heart. That happened late last night. My oldest daughter and I talked. About life. About deep things. Needed things. Good things and hard things. It seems like the late hours are when hearts are most open. Maybe we’re too tired to keep our guards…

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After months of training for a race like I’ve never run before…..I ran the course and finished. And I finished well. The race was 4.22 miles with 22 obstacles and it was amazing. It was the teamwork. The encouragement. The ability to do more than I thought I could. It was strangers offering a hand…

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