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Archive for October 2016

If We Pay Attention

You are to pay special attention to those who by accidents of time, or place, or circumstances, are brought into closer connection with you. ~ Saint Augustine We came into closer connection with a lot of people on our trip to Colorado. We exchanged smiles or nods with most of the people we saw. I…

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Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.      Simone Weil Today  – give someone your undivided attention. Put down your phone. Step away from the computer. Turn off the TV……turn down the music. Look them in the eyes and listen to each word said. Fully. Converse. Seek to understand. Connect. Learn their…

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The sun was still low in the sky when I went on my first run here this morning. I found a beautiful park with lots of running trails. We are in Colorado visiting my son and we’re beyond happy to be here. We hiked the Flatirons yesterday. My son was a great guide…..excited for us…

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Small Town

During the summer a friend and I took an overnight trip to Nashville. It was long overdue. We needed the time spent talking and laughing and moving slowly through wherever we were. We stopped in a few small towns on our way to Nashville. One of them was here in Elkmont, Alabama. My friend was…

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Part of the enjoyment of something is the anticipation of it. Like a birthday or Christmas or a vacation. I’ve noticed that younger ones burst with anticipation over the simplest things and aren’t shy about expressing it. An expected package can cause excited watching for days and days with my kids. And the excitement over…

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After my awful run last Saturday I was truly discouraged. Instead of staying in that gloomy state I went back out there on Monday and ran my longest distance to date. And I felt great! The problem on Saturday was that I was trying to run at a faster pace. I was trying to push…

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