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Archive for November 2016


It was unseasonably warm last night. The air was heavy and the sky dark because the moon and stars couldn’t shine through the thick clouds. The wind was wild and the rain came fast and hard. Then it calmed and the rain drops were big and slow. The news and sirens told us there were…

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I sit here in wonder………….my heart overflowing with thankfulness. Thankful to the Giver. The One who gives me all that I have. Thankful to the One who turns it all into something good. My mistakes and rebellion, my faith and doubt, the joy and trials and all the pain, the good parts and the ugly…

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When it snows in Alabama it feels like magic. The white stuff causes wonder and excitement like nothing else. We watch the snow as it falls and we pray that it “sticks”. Most of the time the ground is so warm around these parts that the snow melts as soon as it touches. But sometimes………

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The sound of the doorbell startled me. When I opened the door, the man asked for Wayne. Before I answered him, the man asked if I knew him. He had a familiar smile, but his face was aged and different. And the voice……..the voice was familiar too. For the next few seconds my brain tried…

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