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Archive for January 2017


Every year we go to the beach to gather with friends and family. One of our favorite things is to look for shells. The shells that catch my eye are the broken pieces….like these. The ones that have been broken so long and been tumbled around in the ocean so much that their edges are…

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Full of Grace

This is grace. So is this. And this. It’s the beauty of a pale blue sky or a fiery orange sunrise. It’s your feet in the sand. And a love note. And a really good hug. It’s evident within the intricate design of nature. You see it in the eyes of children and hear it…

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No Small Lives

We’re six days into the New Year and that means the ads you see on your screens and hear on your radio are all about making changes. Improving our diets. Getting fit. Taking control of our finances. Organizing our homes. Changing this and changing that. Marketers know that with the new year our desire for…

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