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Archive for June 2017

Out of the Dark

My life was changed forever in 2013. Everything I thought I knew……..wasn’t. The next two years brought more difficult circumstances and what felt like, too many changes. I didn’t realize how all of it affected me until I started getting better and part of what helped me come out of the dark was writing about…

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Share Your Story

Each of us has a tale to tell if we would only tell it. Frederick Buechner Your story matters. Your little stories, your big ones, the whole story of your life so far. We learn about ourselves and others and the world through stories. They change us and connect us. Stories deepen our understanding of…

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She Was Seventeen

I was at the funeral home last night, gathered with extended family I don’t see often. A lot of us together in one place. There were moms and dads, and brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and cousins…..lots and lots of cousins. We’re happy to see each other, even under the circumstances,…

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I straighten my desk every day before I leave my office so that when I come in the next morning it’s in order. I like a clean slate to begin my work for the day. But there was no order on my desk when I returned to work from a week long vacation. My desk…

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I watch the moms on the beach slather their kids with sunscreen. Some moms use a gentle, nurturing touch when rubbing the lotion on the kids’ backs, little arms, faces and even tops of the ears. Other moms do it like they’re covering a piece of brisket with a special rub recipe. As thoroughly and…

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