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Archive for July 2019

I’ll Wait

This week, the lessons in No Other Gods highlighted our tendency to run back to our idols after we’ve turned away from them. We make room for God when we give up our false ones, but we must wait for Him to fill the empty space. And a lot of times, waiting is the hardest…

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No Room

I skipped Monday School last week, but I don’t want to skip the important lessons that stood out to me in the last two weeks of the No Other Gods study my oldest daughter and I are doing. The lessons come from the story of Rachel and Leah found in Genesis 29 through 31. Read…

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Beam of Light

This week’s Monday School is something near and dear to my heart. It’s why I started Monday School in the first place, and the Bible study I’m going through touched on it this week. My hope with Monday School is to make all of us more and more curious about the Bible so that we’ll…

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What About Me?

Last week, the No Other Gods Bible study by Kelly Minter highlighted what our idols or false gods are. Basically, a false god is anything or anyone stealing the place of God in our hearts. Anything can be an idol: materialism, alcohol, your image or reputation, Netflix binges, unforgiveness, work, fitness, your ministry or church,…

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