Meet Marie

I'm supposed to tell you a little about myself here. A typical about page will tell you about my family, my job and hobbies, my likes and dislikes. I'm reluctant because I don't always like to do what's expected, and I don't think it helps you know me.

I am an essayist, curator of information, and spiritual director in training. My essay called Then the World Will Know was published at The Chapter, an online magazine, and The Missioner, a publication of Nashotah House Theological Seminary. I'm the author of Why I Left Giant Church Inc, a series featured here on Live Like It Matters.

My young adult children are three of the joys of my life. I live in North Alabama and love all things outdoors, especially walking the trails, backpacking, and have recently discovered the serenity of fishing.

You'll get to know me better if you read some of my posts, but I wrote this anyway because I know some of you like a good about page. The good part is questionable, but read and decide for yourself.

If I tell you I like coffee you won't know me any better than if I hadn't told you. The world doesn't have over 31,000 Starbucks locations with over 20 billion dollars in revenues because people don't like coffee. A lot of people like coffee.

If I tell you I'm on the trails every weekend, walking - sometimes running, and that I backpack in the wilderness for the beauty of God's creation, and the fun and challenge of being in it, you might assume I like to run and I'm a fitness guru and neither one of those is true.

If I tell you I was married for 26 years you might have a question about the "was" part. I did, too. But that is not the end of my story.

If I tell you we live in my renovated childhood home, after I dreamed of living here for years but thought it impossible, then you may believe my childhood was idyllic. There are precious memories here, but there are tragic and painful ones too.

If I tell you I just finished an MA program in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership at Friends University and am in the middle of an MDiv as Wesley, you'll assume I like school. You are right on that one. I love it!

And if I tell you I love Jesus, there's no telling what some of you might think. But I do. Love Jesus. To those who make a snap decision about me, put me in a box or cut me off right there, I'd say get to know me first.

I'm more like you than not. We all have a story with happy parts and sad ones. Tragedies and victories. Tears and laughter. We know what it's like to love and be loved back. Or not be loved back.


All I'm trying to do here is share my thoughts and stories. Your story and mine are part of a lot of other stories out there. How we do this life matters. I'm learning how to live like it matters and I'm passionate about encouraging you to do the same.

I'll encourage you with my Live Like It Matters Challenges and my posts for Monday School and Beauty Break.

I'll write just to write, too. I hope my writing will give you hope, make you ponder a thought you never have before, unlock a memory, make you laugh or cause wonder, help you see someone in a new way, or let you know you're not the only one.

Anne Lamott puts it this way, "a writer always tries, I think, to be part of the solution, to understand a little about life and to pass it on."

This is me passing it on.