Bud and Bloom

In these strange days, we tend to forget to see the beauty around us.

But it’s there….
even on a rainy, gray morning.

The pink blossoms on our dogwood tree help me remember. Remind me to take heart and take delight.

Thank you, Father, for buds and blooms.

The forms of these flowers
are the intentional designs
of a Creator who has not abandoned
His broken and rebellious creation,
but has instead wholly given Himself
to the work of redeeming it.
He has scattered the evidences
of creation’s former glories
across the entire scape of heaven and earth,
and those evidences are also foretastes of the
coming redemption of all things, that those
who live in this hard time between glories
might see and remember,
might see and take heart,
might see and take delight
in the extravagant beauty of bud and bloom,
knowing that these living witnesses are
rumors and reminders of a joy that will
soon swallow all sorrow.

From Every Moment Holy by Douglas Kaine McKelvey

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