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Here’s To You


Here’s to you, Jobie. Thank you for living like it matters. I met Jobie three or so years ago. I noticed her for weeks at one of my favorite parks before I introduced myself. She walked at a brisk pace, with earbuds, and a black pouch hanging around her neck. I wondered about this woman…

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Truth Seekers

This month’s Here’s To You is a nod to the team of people who made an old story new again for millions of us who need to hear it. White Lies is a serialized podcast about the murder of James Reeb in 1965 in Selma, Alabama. More than that, it’s about what happens when an…

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Let’s Raise a Toast

Over a decade ago, I was part of a ministry team that taught groups, planned events, and wrote curriculum. I wanted to grow as a leader and speaker for the ministry and told my husband I needed a group of people willing to give me their time and attention. I needed an audience who listened,…

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The Extra Milers

This month’s Here’s to You tribute is to the extra milers in our lives. We know them by their exceptional effort or kindness. Extra milers go above and beyond what’s required or expected and they do it without conditions, without expecting something in return. Several years ago, I wrote about someone I observed going the…

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Teacher, Teacher

She believed in me when I didn’t know what I believed about myself. She helped me see who I wanted to be. She looked me in the eyes and listened. She cared and I took her words to heart. I called her Mrs. Guthrie. We all did. She was the computer/word processing teacher and led…

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Ten More Minutes

I wanted to write this months ago, but I didn’t have the words. I thought about including it in my year-end post, but knew it deserved more than a few sentences. When others live like it matters and touch our lives in significant ways it’s important to tell them. Each month in 2019, I will…

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