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What’s Next?

Last year, I took my commitment to grow as a communicator to another level when I attended the Speak Up Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I signed up to attend again this year, but was stressed over the time away from my family and the time off from work. I almost backed out. I’m thankful…

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Caught My Eye

My husband tells me I ask more questions than any person he’s ever known. It’s probably true. Mom used to tell me I was curious from the beginning with a genuine desire to learn all I could. She called it a zest to investigate and it landed me into some pretty funny situations when I…

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The Take Away

Last week was a a life changer for me. My heart was refreshed, my confidence renewed, and I was reminded of why I do what I do. I attended a conference called Speak Up, a speaking and writing conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I will glean from the abundance of all that was shared at…

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Am Learning

I’m attending my first writer’s conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This means several things. First, it means I know I’m a writer. Second, it means I’m telling others I’m a writer. Both of those are remarkable because only a few years ago I wouldn’t say it. I thought it and part of me knew it,…

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I like to have a plan.  Even if I don’t have it written down I like to have an idea about how I’m going to accomplish something.  Sometimes I hold back from making a decision because I don’t have a detailed plan.   I’m not going to do that anymore.   Don’t let the absence…

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This is an excerpt from a recent journal entry……… while on vacation: May 27, 2012 God, I want You to reveal some radical change in direction for my life.  I want You to tell me to quit my job, homeschool my youngest, all while I continue to study for the CPA exam.   I want to…

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