For All the Ladies and the Men Who Love Them

This installment of Just For You is all about the ladies. It’s about the men, too, because men are part of all the ladies’ lives. I’m celebrating the good work of a couple of my fellow co-laborers, who themselves celebrate the good work of their sisters.

One writes about a woman in the Bible who we only know as the wife of Manoah. Another interviews two women leaders in the church. The three of them have an enlightening conversation about their journeys to church leadership. Lastly, I make a fun movie suggestion for those who like strong and sassy women. But this one’s respectfully sassy.

What Is Wrong With Me?

My friend, Carrye Burr, is an author of two books and the lead teacher at Hope Church in East Hampton, CT. She recently wrote an article published at CBE International about how she came to understand God’s design for marriage. How does the wife of Manoah, better known as the mother of Samson, convince Carrye that co-leadership is God’s design for marriage? You won’t regret taking three minutes of your time reading the article to find out. Carrye’s insight proves to me again that I need to remain curious and teachable as I study the Bible. This old story taught me something new today.

We’re Not Benchwarmers

If you’re a woman who’s ever served in the church you’ll enjoy this conversation. Unfortunately, contention about women in leadership roles within the church is not a thing of the past. These three discuss their ministry experiences, their callings, the challenges, and the blessings. They don’t shy away from the hard topics and they laugh a lot. We could use more of these kinds of refreshing conversations.

Sherlock Had a Sister?

Enola Holmes is the sister to Sherlock and his older brother. This was news to me. The story caught me from the beginning with its twists and turns. Enola and Sherlock discover clues along the way. She’s trying to find their mother, but Sherlock’s searching for his little sister. It’s a fun movie with the right amount of mystery and humor. Watch the trailer and see if you’re as caught by it as I was.

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