I’ve been stretched this week.  Usually, my evenings are spent with my family!!  Simplifying fractions, a Frida Kahlo project, reviewing Biology, listening to a speech about Audrey Hepburn.  Dinner, laundry, maybe some exercise.  Some TV if American Idol or Survivor is on!! 

This week, I’ve hardly been home.  A Toastmaster’s meeting on Monday, prayer group on Tuesday, dinner with friends on Wednesday.   It’s been FUN…..but too much.  I’m tired.

Tonight, I will be with my family….in my HOME!!  I will cook dinner.  I’ll ask the kids about their homework and help if they need it.  My husband and I will probably fold laundry… talk about our day……we will definitely watch our DVR’d American Idol.   I will laugh and rest with my family….I will be home!

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