I Meant 2012

Every entry in my journal for 2012 is dated 2011. 

I see the blunder in previous journals.  In the first few weeks at the beginning of each year I’ve done the same.  I see where I’ve changed the numbers, trying to make it look as if I’d not made the error.  Or I’ve erased it, or crossed it out and rewritten it.

A lot of you make the same mistake. 

It takes a while to get used to a New Year, a different pattern, a fresh attitude, or a healthier habit.

My friend is frustrated that her scale didn’t aptly measure the deprivation she tolerated last week.  It’s not what she expected.  The results aren’t happening fast enough.     

Have you already messed up on your New Year’s resolutions?  Have you given up on the promises you made to yourself or to others? 

You paid the gym but haven’t shown up to use it. 

You quit smoking but the patch isn’t enough.  You’ve been sneaking one every day at lunch.    

You told your family you wouldn’t bring work home anymore.  You’d sit and eat dinner together and patiently help the kids with their homework.  But an unexpected deadline caused you to hurry through dinner last night to finish a report.       

Your intentions haven’t turned into actions.  You feel like you’ve failed.  You’re discouraged. 

I told my frustrated friend to focus on what she’s done right.  I urged her to quit stepping on the scale and measure her success another way.  Keep declining the doughnuts, and refusing the Ruffles.  The desired results will come.  Just don’t give up. 

We all date our checks incorrectly at the first of the year.  But we don’t get frustrated; we don’t quit trying to get it right.  We don’t give in to the “I’m never going to change” or “This is too hard” thoughts.   We will eventually date our memos, journals and checks correctly.

This morning I changed every “1” in the misprinted 2011s to a “2”.  I messed up but I will get it right.  I have to.  It just takes a while.

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  1. melissa on January 17, 2012 at 11:07 am

    ugh so true! i think we set ourselves up with these high expectation like our lives are suddenly going to be transformed. then we realize we actually have to WORK for the changes and it gets discouraging. Reading this just gave me the boost I needed because I was feeling discouraged myself!

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