Love Is the Way

It takes courage to grow, because change is uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

It takes courage to face the shadow parts of ourselves and to crawl out of the ruts we’re stuck in.

It takes courage to own up to our mistakes and learn from them.

It takes courage to be willing to take a deep dive into what we’ve been taught all our lives and find out if it’s true.

It takes courage…

  • to laugh at ourselves…
  • to really listen to others…
  • to keep the promises we make…
  • to dream…to hope…to ask for help…
  • to say what we need to say…

and not say what we don’t.

It takes courage to forgive and to ask to be forgiven and say “God, I believe. Help my unbelief.”

It takes courage to admit we don’t know how to move forward…or say we feel too broken to change…or too scared to be who we really are.

It takes great courage to love and be loved. Because to be seen, known, and loved the way we all want and need to be, means our hearts are open.

Love is the way we grow up and become who we really are.

Here’s to all the brave ones learning to open our hearts again and stumbling our way into becoming who we really are.

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