Making Way

I love words. Those who know me best know that sincere words are highly valued. I’m not the only one. It’s a common value – as it should be. James, the brother of Jesus, wrote that our words are either a blessing or a curse (3:10).

Jan Richardson has a way with them. Words, I mean. I’ve followed her for a few years and appreciate her paintings and words. I think you will, too.

May this blessing bless you and any who are in your life.

Blessing That Becomes Empty As It Goes

by Jan Richardson

This blessing
keeps nothing
for itself.
You can find it
by following the path
of what it has let go,
of what it has learned
it can live without.
Say this blessing out loud
a few times
and you will hear
the hollow places
within it,
how it echoes
in a way
that gives your voice
back to you
as if you had never
heard it before.
Yet this blessing
would not be mistaken
for any other,
as if,
in its emptying,
it had lost
what makes it
most itself.
It simply desires
to have room enough
to welcome
what comes.
it’s you.
So come and sit
in this place
made holy
by its hollows.
You think you have
too much to do,
too little time,
too great a weight
of responsibility
that none but you
can carry.
I tell you,
lay it down.
Just for a moment,
if that’s what you
can manage at first.
Five minutes.
Lift up your voice—
in laughter,
in weeping,
it does not matter—
and let it ring against
these spacious walls.
Do this
until you can hear
the spaces within
your own breathing.
Do this
until you can feel
the hollow in your heart
where something
is letting go,
where something
is making way.

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