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Ready or not, here it is. The new website launched. It didn’t happen quite the way I wanted it to happen, but it happened nevertheless.

I worked on the new website in all my spare time and, what feels like, time I didn’t have. My lunch hour, the minutes before a meeting, the time in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, and my free evenings were filled with website work. A lot is involved in launching a new site, and I wanted it to be perfect. I tweaked pages, changed words, added widgets and photos, and updated posts. The bulk of the work is pulling posts from the old site into the new one.

This morning, I added a post from 2015 called The Extra Mile that failed to pull over when we did the exports from the old site. I didn’t know it, but the post published like a new post. It was emailed and tweeted and posted on most of my social media.

I found out when my oldest daughter texted to tell me she liked my post.

But I wasn’t ready for my site to be out there yet. It needs more work. It’s not perfect.

My attitude about this whole thing reminds me of a story in the Bible. The story of Martha and Mary is found in Luke 10:38-42. Martha welcomed Jesus into her home then swept the floors, set the table, cooked the meal, and fussed over a lot of other things. She worried over it to the point of frustration and asked Jesus if he cared that she was the only one working in the kitchen. Then she asked him to tell Mary to help her.

Jesus told Martha she was troubled and anxious about many things, but only one thing is necessary. He explained further that Mary had chosen the better thing, or as the ESV puts it, she chose “the good portion.”

The good portion comes from many Old Testament passages where one’s greatest possession is close fellowship with the Lord.

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”  Psalm 73:26

Mary sat at the feet of Jesus as soon as he came into the house, and didn’t move. She listened to every word he said. Meanwhile, Martha busied herself with many things and missed the chance to be with Jesus.

It’s good to know, somewhere along the way Martha learned Jesus was her portion. She ran to Jesus when he finally came into town after Lazarus died. And John quoted her in chapter 11 verse 27. “Yes Lord, I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who is coming into the world.”

Like Martha, I was distracted by many things. Widgets and posts and menus and pop-ups. I busied myself trying to make it just right.

But only one thing is necessary. Jesus.


Photo by Katrien Sterckx on Unsplash

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