Out of the Blue

Last month, out of the blue, I decided I’d visit my son in Colorado. He moved back to Boulder in April, and since then, I’ve wanted to see him and the mountains again.

I kept talking myself out of it though. I shouldn’t take the time off work. I shouldn’t spend the money. And a lot of other reasons I can’t remember.

One day I refused to let the excuses stop me from the much needed trip and I booked the flight for me and my youngest daughter.

What a wonderful trip this out of the blue one turned out to be…..if you believe in out of the blue. I believe it was exactly what was needed at just the right time. The time spent together over a meal, in the mountains, all the laughs and all the words.

And now the memories and the familiar ache of missing one another. 

Until the next out of the blue.  


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