Soldiers of Love

For November’s Here’s To You tribute I’m shining a spotlight on a small group of people making a significant difference in their communities. They’re called the Quality of Life Care Team….a handful of people being the hands and feet of Jesus right where they are.

They don’t like the spotlight, but I’m shining it on them because I’m amazed at what they’re doing. We tend to believe bigger is better, but this group is proving otherwise. Sometimes small is necessary, and can do what big could never do.

These beautiful souls are driven by compassion, a radical generosity, and love – the kind Jesus told us to show to our neighbors. The kind Bernice King tweeted about last month:

I call them soldiers of love. They walk and work on the front lines where it’s the hardest. They see a need and they meet the need. No questions asked. No paperwork or forms and no discrimination.

It all started in 2014, when my friend Courtney had a vision to help the homeless. The team gathers donated items, and purchases some on their own, then personally takes the haul to the homeless. The Quality of Life Care Team not only provides blankets, socks, thermals, propane for tanks, and other tangible items to those living on the streets or in Tent City, they connect with them. They look them in eye and talk with them to know them. They pray with them. They love them.

Here’s To You Quality of Life Care Team. You’re doing what Jesus calls us all to do. Thank you for living like it matters.

For more information about QoL visit the Facebook page.

Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash

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