Still Waters

When my friend, Monica Yother, built this site, each element of it, the way the homepage was laid out, the font and colors, and the photos she used, meant something to me. They still do.

One of my favorites was the footer photo which she called living waters. The photo was a body of water with ripples moving away from the center. It was the perfect visual for my idea behind Live Like It Matters. My idea is that when we live like it matters it makes a difference in others, even when we don’t know it. The difference in them will ripple out to others, and on and on.

In December, I had another idea

2020 was a difficult year in many ways. Not only difficult in the obvious ways that it was for the entire world, it was also the beginning of facing the truth for me. It was a dark, sometimes heavy and intense, and very painful process. But God brought clarity. He led me beside still waters and brought peace. I wanted a new footer photo and I wanted it to mean something from someone special.

I asked my friend, Glenn, for a photo of water. The idea was inner peace and stillness. When the waters are calm or still we can see through the water. When the waters are moving, they can be murky and dark because the sediment is stirred up with the water. We can’t see clearly.

Calm, still water reflects almost perfectly. What a beautiful analogy of us as we follow and learn from Jesus. When we’re still and at peace, we reflect Jesus in a better way.

It makes me think of Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”

One day in February, Glenn surprised me with this photo of still waters mounted on a wood canvas. I’d almost forgotten we’d talked about it. Not only had she captured perfectly what I envisioned, she gifted me this beautiful piece of art, and most of all, she remembered. She made me feel cared for and that is the best gift of all.

Both rippling and still waters are visuals for living like it matters. I’m in a season of still waters, and He is restoring my soul.

Thank you for the new footer photo, Glenn Mitchell.

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  1. Debora Smith on April 12, 2021 at 7:46 pm

    That’s beautiful–the story and the photo. Bless you, friend.

    • marieg on April 12, 2021 at 9:15 pm

      Thank you, Debby.

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