Thursday Sunset

I parked the car at my favorite running park Thursday evening. I needed a quick run to help relieve some workday stress and the weather was perfect for it. The air was cool and I had plenty of time before the sun went away for the day.

Not long into the run, the sun shining through the dangling leaves caught my eye. I tried to focus on the run, but the sunlight shone in a way that made the familiar trail feel brand new. I ran on.

An owl greeted me with his lovely hooting, the trees let go of their weakest leaves as the breeze picked up, and the chipmunks and squirrels gathered their prizes. The scenes around me became more beautiful as the sun lowered itself onto the horizon.

Halfway through my run, I hoped to make it back to the first place that caught my eye before the sun was gone.

I took these photos with my phone. They don’t come close to showing you what I saw. The beauty of it was the entire run, the combination of what all my senses experienced.

The Thursday sunset was exactly what I needed.

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