“There’s only one day at a time here, then it’s tonight and then tomorrow will be today again.”
― Bob Dylan

I have a lot to do, even more to think about. Like most, I’m juggling too much. Thursday evening after work, I was driving to the hospital to see Mom. I was thinking about what I had to do after I left the hospital. Pick up medicine, go to Sears to return an item, give Blake a check, turn in ad forms, look through Brady’s papers……… thoughts were interrupted by a text message.  My son wanted to know if I was cooking dinner.  I hadn’t even thought about it.  I wondered if there was anything in the house to cook.

I suddenly felt overwhelmed with it all. I took a deep breath, asked the Lord to help me, and made myself stop thinking about the “to do” list that will never, ever go away. I thought about what Dad and I talked about earlier.

Today. Do what we can today.

He was overwhelmed too. With thoughts of all the tomorrows, all he had to do and all the “what ifs”.

At the hospital Mom told me what her doctor said to her. He reminded her that we have only today.  Be thankful for it and enjoy it. That helped Mom. And it helped me.

We live like we don’t know this. We think about what we have to do next and rush to it without fully engaging in what we’re doing now. This makes us unhappy, stressed and full of anxiety.

We’re not meant to live that way. I’m trying to simplify and learning to say no. Even so, there are times when “NO” isn’t an option.

When I have too much to do and too many thoughts I will remember that God is here, now.

He is there when I get to the next thing…….He has me. I will be present in each moment and do my best with it.

And be thankful that my family doesn’t mind eating chili dogs.


The minute I said, “I’m slipping, I’m falling.”
Your love, God, took hold and held me fast.
When I was upset and beside myself,
You calmed me down and cheered me up.

Psalms 94:18-19 (MSG)



Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

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  1. Joy Martin on January 7, 2013 at 9:50 am

    Beautiful ! Thanks for sharing this in the middle of all that is going on in your “today”. Love you …praying …

  2. mariegriffith on July 28, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Reblogged this on Full-Time and commented:

    I remember what prompted this post. I was so overwhelmed with everything: the normal activities of family life, my job, aging parents, and any other life stuff. But as I wrote about it, I learned something.

    Today. I can only do today, right now, this moment.

    So much has happened since this post over 2 years ago. Both Mom and Dad are gone and I miss them deeply. I wanted to call Mom yesterday when I finally finished something I’d been working on for weeks. She would have said, “Great, I knew it would all work out!” And I would have told her how relieved I was that it was done, and she would have told me she loved me and I would have told her I love her.

    But I couldn’t call her. I could only remember her. And be thankful I had a wonderful mom. And grateful I’d learned to live in the moment when I did.

  3. dawnlizjones on July 29, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    In your foxhole! Hang in there. “I will cry to God Most High, to God Who accomplishes all things for me.” Good post!

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