Saturday we drove straight through the night from one celebration to another.

That evening we witnessed a beautiful ceremony of two becoming one. We wondered at the mysterious sacrament of marriage. We cried and feasted and danced and laughed.

We needed sleep, but instead drove to our holiday destination, our annual ritual of rest and rejuvenation.

This is the eighteenth year. To the same place on the same beach with the same people.

I’ve said before it’s a holy place….a sanctuary….a safe place.

This liturgy from Every Moment Holy says perfectly what I felt as we drove into the parking lot early Sunday morning.

We have traveled this day to the bounding sea, O Lord, to the far edge of the habitable land, as to the utter end of our own measure and ability and strength, to find here reminders of your limitless presence extended immeasurably beyond us.

In this place may we recall our blessed smallness.

May we on this lovely shore lay down our pretensions of power, shedding the burdensome dreams of our own grandeur, and may we find instead contentment in our creatureliness.

May we grasp the grace that is here so evident. May we know the solace and calm and wonder and delight……

We are your creatures, alive because your breath has filled our lungs. We are your people, restored because your salvation has found us.

May we wade here in the wild waters of your presence.
May we bask here in the golden light of your love.

In this blue space of sea and sand, of seething surf and soothing sound, center anew our restless hearts, O Lord, that we might embrace the wonder of the created…..

May the stresses of obligation, reputation, and deadline here dissolve.

May we find rest in the renewed certainty that we need not be feared or respected or popular or successful or somehow perfect, to be loved by you.

In the ocean of your presence let us taste anew the freedom of children on holiday. Let us ride upon these waves of endless grace, unselfconsciously delighting in the scale of a creation, and of a creator, and of a redemption, so much grander than ourselves.


Yes and amen.

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  1. Joy W. Martin on May 28, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    That was beautiful …so glad you’re experiencing the sanctuary of NSB. Ahhh….

    • marieg on May 29, 2019 at 5:23 am

      Thank you Joy. We wish y’all were here.

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