What About Me?

Last week, the No Other Gods Bible study by Kelly Minter highlighted what our idols or false gods are. Basically, a false god is anything or anyone stealing the place of God in our hearts. Anything can be an idol: materialism, alcohol, your image or reputation, Netflix binges, unforgiveness, work, fitness, your ministry or church, and the list could go on and on. Anything, even good things, can turn into idols.

This week, she showed us through our Bible reading the why behind our idols. We all have different reasons. Sometimes we seek our identity in them, or we hope they meet a need. Other times we look for them to take away our pain.

One of the stories we read this week is one of my favorites. It’s the story of Hannah.

As we read 1 Samuel 1, Hannah’s pain is evident. She shared her husband with another. She was barren. The other wife provoked her relentlessly and the priest accused her of drunkenness in God’s house. And the greatest source of her pain: the Lord closed her womb (verse 5-6).

Hannah could have asked, “What about me, God? Have you forgotten me? Why is this happening?” Although it’s not recorded in the story, it’s hard for me to believe she never wrestled with those thoughts.

But Hannah’s suffering drove her to God. Instead of seeking to numb her pain with an idol, she sought the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. She poured out her soul to God and asked Him to remember her…..to act on her behalf.

She trusted Him.

Although we experience it in different ways and for various reasons, all of us can relate to pain. And all of us know the desire for it to go away. The tendency to numb ourselves to it……not think about it. We just want it to stop.

We don’t need idols. False gods can’t give us what our hearts truly desire.

Like Hannah, we can turn to God….the One like no other. The One of boundless mercy, of sovereignty and grace beyond our imagination.

He’s the only One who gives peace that surpasses all understanding.

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

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